Dear Friend,

We are thrilled to share our new name –  Resilience

Through rebranding, our objectives are to refine our purpose, expand our visibility in the community, and enlarge our vision of tomorrow, all to advance our ultimate goal - empower survivors and end sexual violence. Our rebrand serves as a catalyst to breathe new life into our steadfast commitment to this goal.

Our mission and vision remain unchanged. We support our clients, wherever they are on their path to recovery. Their resilience in the face of adversity, however they define it, inspires us. Our new name honors our survivors, and the staff and volunteers who work with them. 

In solidarity,

Erin Walton & the Resilience Team
Executive Director, Resilience



Why a new name change? Why rebrand?

  • After 44 years as Rape Victim Advocates (RVA), we saw the need for our name and messaging to better reflect our organization’s breadth of services -- from our trauma therapy programs, to our work in medical and legal advocacy, to prevention education.
  • We engaged in months of brand exploration, research, and interviews with board members, survivors, and other stakeholders.
  • Our original agenda was to believe and be present for survivors we met in hospital emergency rooms. Today, our services have expanded to address the entire spectrum of sexual violence, from crisis intervention, advocacy, and trauma therapy, to prevention education, increasing public awareness and shaping public policy.  
  • We want our brand to fully encompass who we are.

Why the name Resilience?

Resilience is strength, resolve, and determination. It’s a process, not a goal or state of closure. The resilience we see every day in our clients is our inspiration.

What does the Resilience logo represent?

Our new logo represents the process of recovery and healing - the journey from trauma and chaos, to a semblance of order. This journey is one of ongoing resilience.​

For more about our rebrand process, click here.



Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors who are in College - read more

Bystander Intervention Workshop - more information

Resilience’s Board of Directors welcomed two new members in July.

Kathryn Meyer is senior director of media & entertainment engagement at the Alzheimer’s Association.

Lauren Pesa is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Accounting and Reporting Advisory Group.

Read more about Kathryn, Lauren, and our Board of Directors here.


Volunteer Spotlight: Alicia Babich

Volunteer Medical Advocate

Mentor to the August 2018 Volunteer Class

Pronouns: She, her, hers

What do you do outside of volunteering? Outside of volunteering, I get to manage the Sales Training & Development department at Groupon, who are 8 amazing people between our Chicago and Phoenix offices. I also love my PS4, running, biking, baking, and dancing.

What is one thing you couldn't live without? It's a tie between earbuds and the Gilmore Girls box set. It's a rare time in my life outside of work when I'm not listening to music or reruns of the series instead. Those women give me life.

What do you wish every survivor could hear? When all of this is over, I'll still be here, and so will you.

In what ways has sexual assault and crisis intervention training impacted the way you engage with your community? The Resilience community is full of inclusive, patient, warm, observant, accepting, intentional people. Sexual assault and crisis intervention training has brought me  to them. They create space for dialogue, they elevate dialogue, they manage conflict, they manage relationships. Resilience makes me a better person for every other person I get to know.

Thinking about becoming a Resilience Volunteer? Find out more here.

Thank you to all who have responded to our our new name and logo with comments in social media, emails, and in person.

"I love the word resilience. It’s a perfect name for what you do..."

"Love this!! A word that holds so many different truths for each and every survivor..."

Be a part of Resilience. Your donation will help broaden our scope of outreach and foster greater dialogue, awareness, and prevention.

Thank you.

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